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Road or Rail - keep your operations moving...

Flagstop Hobbies Ltd. is actively involved in North American product development.  We maintain a collaborative working relationship with Iconic Replicas based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Flagstop Hobbies is an authorized Iconic Replicas dealer - we also produce our own special custom runs when a large scale factory production run isn't feasible. We are the only dealer who provides custom runs and does modifications or corrections on factory runs.

 We are primarily centered (but not limited to) on providing models that relate to Canadian passenger transportation - specifically buses and trains.

Our secondary focus is on maintenance equipment and vehicles that fellow modelers need to keep their operations  moving - road or rail.

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Flagstop Hobbies Ltd. is located in Calgary, Alberta.

Flagstop Hobbies is a Canadian partner and authorized dealer for Iconic Replicas. 

Flagstop Hobbies is also a dealer for Rapido Trains and Diecast Masters.


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