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Above the Clouds

Our Work - Completed projects

Flagstop IS buses - intercity, transit and schoolies.

We take great pride in producing accurate versions of Canadian and U.S. bus lines right down to the smallest detail. A great deal of research goes into the development of every project starting with the Flagstop technical team, graphic artist,  former owners (if possible), and interested customers as our final quality control check.  

September 2020

J4500 Hahrness Tours

This was our first custom job. It is a simple operator patch on a former Tourimex J4500 - not an uncommon practice in the bus industry. This unit was a modified fantasy scheme for a fellow model railroader's layout. We matched the correct blue and also provided a fake website address on the back of the coach.

Hahrness tours_edited.jpg

October 2020

MC-7 Pacific Coach Lines #6715

Pacific Coach Lines (PCL) presented many challenges including extended window frame lining and graphics, correct legals, license plates, Vancouver International Airport Service signage on the back of the coach and bumper pads. This SOLD OUT run was produced for a group of ex-drivers and enthusiasts.

Our second PCL run is expected in the spring of 2024.

April 2021

Victory Lines #6026 (Phillipines)

This was a special request where a customer provided his own bus. We accepted this challenging project when all others had turned our customer away. The bus was in poor condition but after repainting & touching up all details, we applied our own custom graphics as directed. Victory Lines operates a large and impressive motor coach fleet in the Philippines.


May 2021

MC-7 Pacific Stage Lines #6715

Pacific Stage Lines (PSL) was finally completed in May 2021 after a number of revisions. This SOLD OUT run was prepared for a number of former drivers (including one of our technical advisors) and enthusiasts.

A second run of PSL MC-7's is expected in spring 2024.

June 2023

1980's Caprice taxi cab

We have developed complimentary Yellow Cab water slide decals for all Rapido Caprice taxi cabs purchased through Flagstop Hobbies.  You will need to apply the decals yourself. Visit our "SHOP" menu under Vehicles & Equipment.

yellow Cab.jpg

December 2023

Super 7 Scenicruiser correction

We corrected the "as delivered" Greyhound MC-7's in blue and white with the correct Super 7 Scenicruiser graphics. The original factory run had the incorrect version on this model. Visit our "SHOP" menu under Motorcoaches.

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